Motor 4103


Engine: 4103


Type: rotary valve controlled boxer engine with electronic fuel injection

Cylinders: 2

Displacement: 100 cm³ (6,3 cu in)

Performance (max): 6 kW (8,2 HP)

Cooling: Air cooled

Weight:  3400 g (7.5 lb) with exhaust system, sensors and wiring harness, +600 g (1.33 lb) for Subcomponents (ECU, ignition system, fuel supply, ...)

Starting device: Extern by propeller hub or by optional startergenerator

Fuel: MOGAS or AVGAS with at least 95 octan3, mixture 1:80 2-stroke-oil API TC or Bluemax

Options: 0,5 kW generator incl. drive system and mounting [+ 770 g/1,7 lb], regulator for generator incl. starter [+ 580 g/1.28 lb], two exhaust systems available, oil injection, startergenerator up to 1 kW, more customizations possible on customers demands.

The 4103 is an air-cooled, rotary valve controlled 2-stroke boxer engine with electronic fuel injection. It utilizes advanced closed loop control to optimize performance for extreme environmental conditions (hot/cold/altitude).

Based on the worldwide well known 4102 engine which to date has flow more than 20,000 missions in theatre, the new 4103 engine has been updated with the latest engine technology to create a new off the shelf propulsion system which meets the demanding requirements of the unmanned aerial vehicle market. The engine features automatic altitude and temperature compensation enabling reliable start and operation in a wide operating range. Temperature: -40 to +50° C (-40 to +122° F). Altitude: 0 - 6000m (0 - 20,000 ft.).

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