Motor 3501

Engine: 3501 E/V


Type: in-line engine

Cylinders: 2

Displacement: 625 cm³

Max. performance: 44,1 kW (60 HP)

Max. torque: 82,6 Nm

Cooling: water cooling

Weight:  35,2 kg (with muffler, add-on parts and water in the engine)

Starting device: recoil starter included

Options: electric starter, multi point injection instead of dual carburetter, separate lubrication, catalyst, special drive for clutch mounting


· The engine can be run with the remaining water quantity longer then 10 minutes in suction situation, before an overheat of the engine can occure. The cylinderhead temperature in this situation will not exceed 395°F (possible are temperatures up to 480°F).
· The engine can be shock-cooled with pump water after an overheating situation and cooled down to 68°F within 15-20 seconds on full power condition.
· The coolant temperature in operation can vary between 68° F and 250°F. (The maximum temperature is given by the boiling point of the coolant system)
· Only 1,85 gal US per minute of coolant water (up to 122°F) is needed at full rpm and power.
· The remaining water in the engine is calculated so that there will be no damage to the cylinders if the water is freezing.