iPoweriPower (Compression Wave Injection):

Simple idea > great benefits

Hirth iPowerTM eliminates the classic disadvantages of a 2-stroke engine (fuel consumption, emissions) by eliminating the fuel scavenging losses without restricting the advantages (power to weight ratio, size, simplicity…)

The excellent fuel vaporizing effect of iPower allows the engine to efficiently spark ignite kerosene fuels (e.g. JetA, JetA1, JP5, JP8, …) and still keep the advantages of a 2-stroke engine. Benefits over other heavy fuel technologies include: less peak cylinder pressure, lower vibration, and lighter than diesel engines; lower fuel consumption and cost than gas turbines; cleaner combustion than lower tech carb & EFI solutions with heaters resulting in im-proved reliability.

  • Hot exhaust gases under combustion pressure are directed into a resonance tube via an opening in the cylinder.
  • Fuel (gasoline or kerosene) will be time-dependent injected into the resonance tube.
  • Fuel preperation occurs during the in flow and re-flecting phase inside the resonance tube.
  • Reflection of the pressure wave together with the vapored fuel are injected back into the combustion chamber in a time window that avoids fuel losses via the exhaust port.

new UAV-engine 4201