Configuration and Properties of fuel injection system

Multipoint-intake-manifold-fuel-injection for use of up to 6 injection nozzles

Collected operating parameters:

 - Engine speed

 - Throttle position

 - Air pressure

 - Intake air temperature

 - Engine temperature

Program map for different operating conditions:

 - Basic injection rate (speed over throttle angle)

 - Acceleration map (speed over throttle angle)

 - Cold start compensation (engine temperature)

 - Altitude compensation (air pressure)

- Correction of air temperature (temperature of intake air)



 - 2-stroke-fuel-injection system with open control loop

 - Especially adapted program map for every engine type and its components (air filter, intake tract, exhaust tract, exhaust system)

 - Adaptation of program map to additional components may be possible

 - Design for low fuel consumption in part-load range and operational reliability in full-load range

 - Read-out system for removal of defects

 - Possibility to use a Ram-Air-Box with separate connection of the pressure sensor 


Advantages and disadvantages of the Intake-manifold-fuel-injection system 


 - Quantity of fuel is optimized in all operating conditions (altitude, climate...), thus more power at lower fuel consumption

 - Reduction of fuel consumption and of hydrocarbon-emissions (up to 30%), especially in part-load range

 - Possibility to set the mixture composition individually, just in contrary to the vacuum dependant and gas dynamic influenced carburetter

 - Continuous mixture setting for service life

 - Very good atomization of fuel by injection nozzle and low-pressure-system

 - Reduction of CO-emissions by lean mixture setting

 - Improved cold start and hot start mixture formation and reduction of cold smoking during start- and warm-up-phase

 - No icing of mixture components (carburettor icing)

 - Automatic speed limitation by interruption of fuel injection (no misfiring)

 - Trailing throttle fuel cut-off above 1.800 rpm

 - Smooth acceleration from idle to maximum speed

 - Operation independently from installation position

 - Increase of operational reliability


 - Increased basic costs

 - Technology more complex (sensors and actuators)

 - Definite tuning required for every engine type and its components, later modifications from customer have to be balanced with injection program map