Current Issues


Due to our technology and our quality drive systems for reconnaissance drones have taken a leading position in the field 8-60 hp.

If you are looking for a cheap motor out of the hobby area, you are wrong with us.

However, seek a sophisticated complete system with for example starter generator integrated servo, interfaces, motor carrier, propellers, etc. you are in good hands with us.

We do not only promise the possibility of using heavy fuel (A1, JP5 / 8), but we can demonstrate it to you. Please visit us to be convinced.
Level tests (Porsche), climate tests (Beru), as well as environmental tests (Messrs. Rheinmetall) we can offer according to your specifications.

We can develop, according to your specifications, the optimum drive for reconnaissance drones, APU`s and other applications.

All deliveries are getting approved by the Federal Export Office (BAFA).

Countries or companies that are on the so-called "black list" are generally not supplied.

If interested please make an appointment at our home in order to demonstrate our work and efficiency.

We assure you the best solution for your requirement.