The state-of-the art UAV engines from Hirth are showing in 2015 helicopter-china-expo, Tianjing from Sep 9 to 13.

During the exhibition, "Hirth engines  with their advanced technology were showed successfully.  Chinese customers showed a great interested to "Hirth company with his innovation technology and high performance products. Especially the recently developed iPower technology for heavy fuel engine, integrated starter with generators, as well as the "big different from the other suppliers which just provide only one separate engines, Hirth’s UAV propulsion solution as a system for UAV application, left a deep impression to Chinese customer. During the exhibition, many users shows that their application intention. There is a huge requirement for small power (8 – 15HP) engines for agriculture application. In currently, most of them are using the engines from 3W and Zenoah which design to use for model airplane. Then due to some disadvantage appeared continuesly. The customer hope to replace the engine with a more reliability and better performance. 

Hirth’s customer from AVIC showed their AV 200 UAV and Tianjing Sanyao Aerospace Sci-Tech Development Co., Ltd. Show their products also.