Motor F23 LW


Engine: F 23 LW AS/BS/ES


Type: boxer engine with slide carburetor [AS], diaphragm carburetor [BS] or electronical multi point injection [ES]

Cylinder: 2

Displacement: 521 cm³

Max. performance: 36,7 kW (50 HP)

Max. torque: 53 Nm

Cooling: free air

Weight:  22 kg without muffler

Starting device: recoil starter included

Options: dual ignition [+ 0,70 kg], multi point injection instead of diaphragm carburetor or slide carburetor [+ 0,40 kg], gear box G40 with [+ 11 kg] or without [+ 9,3 kg] centrifugal clutch, Polyflex belt-reduction G23/G27 [+ 4,17 kg], electric starter [+ 2,36 kg]

The new F23 „lightweight“ matches the power of the standard F23 engine, but achieves a higher power-to-weight-ratio by utilizing a lightweight crankshaft, generator-flywheel and recoil starter. When used in conjunction with the new G23-reduction gear (also “lightweight” in comparison with the predecessor) it delivers a power unit which sets world classic standards in its power-to-weight, performance and reliability.
The new F23 “lightweight” weighs 22 kg, which is 2 kg less the standard F23 design. This makes this engine an excellent choice for light aviation devices that weigh up to 120 kg which come under prt. 103 “legal”-rule in the USA.
The F23 “lightweight” achieves a max. power of 50 hp at 6500 rpm and torque of 53 Nm at 6300 rpm. It also achieves a service life of 1000 hours and utilizes Nikasil-coated aluminium cylinders and a digital ignition system. Combine this with a 3 year warranty on the crankshaft and this lightweight engine achieves performance and reliability unmatched in the industry.

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